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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you provide free quotes? What is the process?


Yes. There are several ways that you can obtain a quote.First, you can request a quote from our website, and we will contact you for a time that will work with your schedule so that we can come to your home and measure your stairs. Second, you can contact the office, 902-462-1110, and speak with us anytime during . The measure process only takes about 15 minutes. We will come to your house and take a couple of pictures of the existing staircase and take measurements to be sure you are given an exact dollar amount. You will receive the quote within one business day your preferred contact method (email, fax or through mail)


2. Do you only install stairs in HRM?


No. We install stairs all across Nova Scotia. Contact us for more information.


3. What type of woods do you carry? What is most cost efficient? What if I want something you don’t carry?


We stock oak, birch, maple, ash, cherry, and some jatoba (Brazilian Cherry). The most cost efficient woods are oak and birch, which are our lowest cost options.We are also able to make custom orders out of any hardwood you prefer.


4. What are the stain colour options?


Everything we install is custom stained for you. Usually customers will provide us with a floorboard or other wooden fixture from their home, and we will have a stain custom-made for your job. The customers always see the colour match before we stain all material to ensure you are 100% satisfied.


5. What is the payment process?


Once you confirm you would like to proceed with your quote, we require 75% of the cost of the job down. The materials will then be cut and custom stained to match the colour you provided. The final 25% is due after the job has been installed and touched up by our stain shop experts.


6. What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit, money transfers, and cash.


7. If I choose to install the stairs myself is that ok?


Yes. We have plenty of customers who buy their material from us and do the stain and finish, and install themselves.


8. Do you offer a warranty on my new staircase?


Yes! We stand by our work and are fully devoted to customer satisfaction. We offer a one year labour and material warranty after installation.


9. What happens with my old stairs?


Our installer will remove your existing set and dispose of the materials in compliance with provincial regulations. The cost is included in your quote.


10. If I am getting my stairs and floors done, which should I get installed first?


It is best to install the stairs before the floors. This way we can install the nosing and the floor can be taken back from there to ensure a true fi


11. How long does this all take?


The stain and finishing process takes about 5 days. The installation on a standard set of stairs is usually between 2 – 3 days.


12. Do you ship out of HRM?


Yes! We ship material all over Canada. Contact us with a list of material and we will send you a quote.


13. How much are shipping costs?


It depends on how much material you order. If you provide us with the material quote we can contact shipping companies on your behalf and get a quote for your order. We do not charge a mark up on any shipping costs. You can either pay the shipping costs directly to the shipper or, if you do not have an account with any shipping companies, we can pay them directly and we will include the cost of shipping in your invoice.


We offer free shipping on material orders over $2000 (before applicable taxes) across Nova Scotia.

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