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Material Orders


Duart Hardwood Stairs is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. We are a hardwood stair manufacture committed to providing the best product.


We ask that who ever is installing your stairs to send us a list of material needed. We have take-off sheets available we can e-mail, which may make it easier to ensure all material is quoted. You are welcome to come into our showroom, located at 139B Main Street, Dartmouth. There we can show you material and go over your options with you. We are open Monday – Thursday from 8am until 4pm and on Fridays from 8am until 3pm. We also make appointments to meet customers during weekends and evenings if these times do not work with your schedule.


If you are unable to come to our showroom you can look at all of our materials, as well as jobs that we have installed in the past, on our website. This can give you a feel of what you are looking for and which material you would like to be quoted on.


Once an order is placed we will manufacture the items on the list and ship to you in a timely manner. Orders can be picked up at our shipping doors, 68 Lakecrest Drive in Dartmouth. If you wish to have the order shipped to you we can provide you with a shipping quote. It will vary depending on the amount of material ordered. You can choose your own shipping provider, and you can either pay them directly or we can bill you on your invoice for shipping. There is no mark-up on any shipping costs and free shipping on material orders over $2000 (before applicable taxes) across Nova Scotia.


Although everything we sell is un-finished, we are able to stain any material you order if you provide us with a sample of wood that you wish to match or a stain manufacture number. The leftover stain will be shipped with the order and any touch-ups required after installation, such as plugs, filling nail holes, or sanding and staining any rail fitting joints, will be the responsibility of the customer.


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