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New Home Construction


Duart Hardwood Stairs is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. We are a hardwood stair manufacture committed to providing the best product.


It all starts with a free quote. You are welcome to come into our showroom, located at 139B Main Street, Dartmouth. There we can show you material and go over your options with you. We are open Monday – Thursday from 8am until 4pm and on Fridays from 8am until 3pm. We also make appointments to meet customers during weekends and evenings if these times do not work with your schedule.


If you are unable to come to our showroom you can look at all of our materials, as well as jobs that we have installed in the past, on our website. This can give you a feel of what you are looking for and which material you would like to be quoted on.


Once you have decided which profiles you like, we go to the job site to measure the stairs. Although we are able to quote from plans, we like to go in once the drywall is up. This will give you a more accurate price. You will receive a quote on your staircase within one business day.


If you would like to go ahead with the installation we put together your order and custom stain the material to match the wood sample given by you. We get all stain matches approved by the customer to ensure they are happy with the match before anything gets stained.


Our installers then go before the flooring company has laid your floor down and install your new beautiful stairs. Our installers are professionals who have been in the business over 20 years each. After the installer is finished he will tape down tread protectors to ensure there is no damage from people working in the house. Once your home is cleaned our stain and finish experts will go to complete the finishing touch-ups, including removing the tread protectors. We like to be one of the last people in the home to ensure the touch ups are completed after all other trades finished. The home should be cleaned before we do the final touch ups. You are then left with a beautiful finished product.

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