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Our Story

Duart Hardwood Stairs has been handcrafting the focal point of homes since October 18th, 1994. We initially opened in Windsor Junction, and then we moved to Sackville, Nova Scotia. Several years later, as the business outgrew its Sackville woodshop, the company moved to its current location in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where we have 7000 square feet. Our showroom is located at 139B Main Street in Dartmouth and our woodshop and warehouse are located around the back of the same building at 68 Lakecrest Drive.


Although we handcraft most of our own material here, we also buy and sell some materials. Anything we cannot make such as the metal spindles or some mouldings, we order as locally as possible. We are firm believers in buying locally, as we believe that supporting local business is vital to our economy. They say local businesses are an endangered species, so protect them! And we do not just buy locally, we also support local community programs, such as minor hockey, AUS Hockey, the SPCA, Make-A-Wish, Bob Boucher Hockey Assistance Fund, and Feed Nova Scotia.  


We specialize in hardwood stairs, and the primary commodities produced at Duart Hardwood are numerous hardwood stair components. However, we also make custom t-moulding and reducer strips for flooring and other products such as mantles and shelves. Contact us if you have any questions about custom orders and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


We work closely with homebuilders, renovators, flooring companies, and homeowners to create products that meet their individualized needs. The first step of this process is for us to go to the job site and measure the dimensions of the proposed staircase. Once a list of materials is determined based on a thorough discussion with the customer, our staff will begin to compile the materials, and start to work on any materials that have to be custom-made for the job. We are able to make many materials in bulk quantities to ensure our stock is available for large or unexpected orders. However, some of the items we produce are custom-made and these cannot be started until we have the proper measurements and specifications from the customer.


Once we manufacture all of the components that are needed for a particular stair case, it is custom stained and finished to match the colour the client chooses. We use a stain shop equipped with a stain booth to ensure the best finish. Many of our customers provide a board from the existing floor treatment in their homes to allow the stain to be precisely matched. Other customers choose to match their wood to other fixtures in their home, such as kitchen cupboards. Once the stain match has been approved, the material is stained and ready to be installed. We have a number of professional stair installers who remove the existing staircase down to the stringers or start the staircase from scratch for new construction projects. Lastly, we are responsible for removing the old material, installing the new products, and disposing all of the removed materials in compliance with provincial regulations.


A beautifully handcrafted staircase offers your home uniqueness. Usually the staircase is the first thing you see when you enter a home, so updating an existing staircase or putting hardwood stairs in your new home will have its advantages. Not only does it increase the re-sale value, but it also highlights your home’s décor.   


If you love quality, custom, locally made products then you will love Duart Hardwood Stairs!

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