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The Woodshop

Our woodshop and warehouse are located below our showroom at 139B Main Street in Dartmouth. The shipping and receiving entrance is 68 Lakecrest Drive, which is accessed from around the back of our building. Each of our craftsmen have been with Duart over 20 years and are experts in the manufacturing process. They take their time to ensure everything that leaves our woodshop is of the highest quality.

the production  Process

It all starts from raw, kiln dried, hardwood lumber. Our craftsmen plane it down and start from scratch. Not only do we manufacture and stock a large inventory to ensure we can fulfil orders in a timely manner, we also keep a large quantity of raw lumber in stock for custom orders. Anything that has to be custom-made may take between 1 – 5 business days depending on the availability of hardwood and the size of the order. We work closely with customers to meet their timelines; the beauty of having our own woodshop is the reaction time, which enables us to respond fast and efficiently. We only produce materials from hardwoods, and we take our time to ensure you are getting a dependable product.

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